Drakey Art is Jay Nixon and Nancy Johnson!  Our name “Drakey” was derived from combining our Chinese Zodiac signs together just as we combine our lives together into a well-blended and artistic life!  The “Dra” is the first 3 letters of Jay’s sign, the Dragon and “key” is the last 3 letters of Nancy’s sign, the Monkey! We both share in the love of creating fantasy art to be enjoyed by everyone!  We hope our colors brighten your life!


Jay and Nancy are Drakey Art

Jay and Nancy are Drakey Art

The Artist, Jay Nixon

I am a native Californian currently residing in the Phoenix area of Arizona for the past 9 years.  I began drawing dinosaurs at a young age and honed my skills through art programs in public schools.  As a teenager I began drawing primarily with pen and ink creating many fantasy works.

After years of pursuing other interests; only dabbling with painting here and there, I decided to pursue my art career to full time in 2010 while teaching art at the local Boys and Girls Club.  I attended Mesa Community College in Arizona to broaden my education which included majoring in Fine Arts. I took courses in charcoal, acrylic paints, mixed media, ceramics and oils.  I also studied Sign Lanuage (ASL) and Psychology.

My abstract paintings include mixed media called “Acrylic and Heavy Metal” which are multicolored acrylics painted on canvas which is infused with epoxy and chunks of steel, brass, copper and iron.  I create oil paintings called “Bursts” and “color swirls” that will brighten any home or office!  Oil is currently my favorite medium to create stunning seascapes, dragons and fantasy art.

Some of my dragon paintings are illustrations for a book that I am writing called The Age of Draga.  My immediate goals are to keep creating new dragons and finish my first bookI am also writing and illustrating a children’s book.  Find me and my art at local art walks, shows and  specifically in Artist Alley at comic conventions!

The Artist, Nancy Johnson

I grew up in Southern California surrounded by the beauty of the ocean, flowers and people of this lovely state.  In school for as early as I can remember, I was drawn to sketching, taking art classes and found that I had a desire to pursue a career in an artist field of some sort.  In high school, I took college courses in fine arts at Cerritos Community College beginning my formal training early!  At that time, I worked in all mediums such as oil, watercolors, charcoal and even mixed media creating 3-D sculptures.  My first paid commission was an oil painting of an old-time locomotive for a school teacher!

My first love was working in oils and painting many landscapes which are now spread around the country with family members!  Then as I raised two sons, I took my artistic skills to painting on wood doing some folk art pieces selling them at local fairs in the Sierra foothills.  I also began a career in recreation for the City of Rocklin in northern California using my art skills in creating marketing flyers and taking my creative ability in putting on special events such as our “Haunted Hall” for the community.

Moving forward many years, I currently reside in the east valley area of Phoenix.  I still currently work in the recreation field but now with active adults in programming events and classes for their pleasure.  Jay and I formed the partnership of  “Drakey Art” combining our artistic talents into creating fantasy and mythical creatures.  I still paint nature in the form of butterflies, seahorses and flowers, plus mermaids, fairies and a collection of “fan art” to sell at Comic Conventions in the U.S. southwest.